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Oftentimes, high fashion is about getting a strong message across. More often than not, the goal is not exactly to show you what you can expect from design houses, but to offer viewers strong ideas from the designer’s mind. No doubt, the designer is the sole director orchestrating the creativity behind a designer collection. This explains why some high fashion pieces seem unfit for wear in daily life. Fashion has a long history that has always included exceeding the boundaries of the previous generation while paying homage. The world of high fashion still thrives on hefty amounts of mystery, elitism, and exclusivity. Some designers may say they attempt to bridge the gap between value and style but can this really be bridged?

Even with the rise of the competitive athleisure category, the luxury goods market is flourishing. The retail luxury goods market was valued at $339.4 billion in 2016. Of the top 10 luxury retail companies, Chanel and Montres Tudor are the only two that are privately held. Tudor is the owner of Rolex. The Mckinsey Global Fashion Index was worth $2.4 trillion dollars in December 2016, even though it was a “tough” year. Experts have had to shorten the length of the fashion cycle because of a reduced ability predicting purchase behavior. This is understandable since technology offers you so many options. There is a new era of savvy, older, digital shoppers to think about. The 50+ market can’t be discounted, they’re increasingly using more technology. About 60% of people over 50 have a smartphone and 44% have a tablet.

So what is high fashion exactly?

High end fashion leads the way for contemporary designs, which then sets the pace of the outlet collection. Quality of materials also tend to reduce as you work your way down from high fashion to outlets. The truth is that fashion promoted to the mass market is usually not of the highest quality. Alternatively, high fashion shows can easily cost $1 million or more. The top choice locations for a high fashion show are Paris, London, Milan, and New York City. High fashion shows are typically conducted by a PR organization. Production meetings for these shows can be extremely long, covering every little detail about the show.

When purchasing high fashion, it should be seen as an investment. You should be able to wear the piece for years, making a statement in any part of the world. Plus, high fashion pieces retain their value so they can be sold many years down the line. When deciding which designer you want to purchase a piece from, consider first whether you are looking to lead or follow a trend and that will give you a good starting point. After the fashion show, different sales teams go to market to choose items for their stores. While most store buyers visit the market twice a year, some buyers visit as many as six times in a year. Bloggers and influencers typically line the front rows at fashion shows because of their ability to get the news out quickly.

Who are the most famous fashion designers?

There are several famous female fashion designers as well as French male designers who have changed the world of fashion. Gabrielle Chanel introduced tweed and the little black dress into the global world of women’s fashion. Before Chanel, the corset reigned and she provided some freedom from this style of dress. She also changed the public opinion of dressing in black from dreary to the preferable option.

Christian Dior is a desirable choice to opt for, with unique cuts and looks that accentuate curves. Dior only held an office in fashion for about 10 years but nevertheless made a lasting impression. Christian Dior once insisted that navy blue is the only color that can compete with black. The new designer at Dior, Maria Grazia Chiuri gave the 2017 Dior Spring collection an undoubted preference for navy blue denim. According to Chiuri, navy is the new black. The denim collection is mainly inspired by the fact that most uniforms are navy blue and offer people some level of protection.

Looking at the history of Dior, the couturier spawned the romantic look. Dior created a legendary look with a mid-calf skirt and a tucked in waist, setting itself apart from the narrow skirt of the time.

The Look

“The Look” is still a signature identifying silhouette of Dior. Chiuri is looking to bring the bar jacket to the forefront as another Dior silhouette. This well known fashion house has made bespoke items for Empress Michiko and the bag carried by Princess Diana.

Chiuri explained the fashion show’s foray into fantasy as a timeless approach to haute couture. The designer stated her beliefs that haute couture speaks a different language than Prêt-à-porter or high street fashion. It’s worth mentioning that the young Yves Saint Laurent studied under Christian Dior. The feminist designer mentioned that many young people today are not aware of fashion history. She expressed that it is the brand’s responsibility to explain their history. Thus, the opening of the Dior Heritage archive. This state-of-the-art archive houses key pieces of the fashion house’s evolution.


Regarding couture, the cost of the clothing is still very much a big secret and so is who pays for it. Some facts are known, such as the Qatari ownership of Valentino. It’s also known that designers, journalists, and store owners decide what is worn by the masses. High end fashion designers often depend upon talismanic characters such as Madonna, Lady Gaga, Sarah Jessica Parker, and others to take something that could be thought of as grotesque and make it beautiful.

Couture still matters because the world of haute couture shows and proves that the world of high net worth individuals is doing phenomenally well. One might even go as far as to say that you could predict an economic downturn somewhere in the world if the world of couture suffers. Taking a word from Manolo Blahnik, be true to your style, have fun, and remember that life is too difficult to be serious.

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