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Jeans | The Necessity of Necessities

Jeans, lets be honest we all have that one favorite pair. The average American owns at least 7 pairs. Even so most people mostly wear that one more often than the rest. Well now is the time to explore your choices as denim is more popular than ever. From Levi’s to Wranglers, Lee to Diesel and Calvin Klein to High Street, every woman strives to find that perfect fit. Whatever size and shape you may be, it’s time to show off that figure.

You don’t need to lose weight or put on weight to look fabulous. Don’t change your body, change your jeans. I absolutely love wear jeans as they’re so versatile and can be perfect for almost any occasion. Lets explore a few different body types and the most flattering jeans.


Finding jeans that are made specifically for you is the key to giving the illusion of longer legs. Dark Capri styles that hug the curves a perfect for showing off the petite frame. If you love flares, make sure they are not wider than your hips and  cover the bottom of your shoes. Its important that they don’t touch the floor. For the illusion of longer legs, try skinny and straight fitted jeans with darker colors.
ripped jeans

Athletic Figure

For the ladies with more of a toned and athletic figure, boot cut jeans are ideal. These jeans are fitted around the thighs and hips in order show of those curves.

Hourglass Figure 

A high-risen back for coverage when seated or when you are bent over with minimum stretch for comfort. You can also go for a wide leg solid and slim fit for flatter hips.

 Plus size 

For the plus sized body types a wide double button high waist will be ideal. This type of jeans will help to flatten around the stomach area bringing in your waist. Additionally, darker colors tend to be a bit more flattering as well.


If this is you then you are in luck. You can pretty much get away with anything. Really the more flattering fit for you are low riders with a straight front waist that is bland flare and faded at the knees. This can brake up the length and create curves.


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