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The decade began with a continuation of the hippie look from the 1960’s, thus giving a distinct ethnic flavor. Instead of the focus being on brands or new trends, 1970s fashion was about freedom, identity and personal expression.

It is hard to think about clothing without thinking about style. People are able to express themselves with the clothing they wear.

Most eras are linked to a particular style, like the 1920’s and the flapper style, but perhaps one of the most iconic eras is the 1970s. Surely, you have heard of 1970s fashion, right? Most people associate this era with 1970’s disco fashion or the hippie era that exploded a decade before.

The 1970s were Driven by Culture

The 50s, 60s, and 70s might seem like any other period of time, but they were quite special. Fashion was dictated by designers, but that changed during these eras because of the creation of subculture. It was relatively strong in the 50s, but it exploded in the 70s, which is probably why vintage clothing 1970’s fashion is so iconic.

The subculture was created by young kids who rebelled against the styles their parents and designers were putting out there. There are a number of categories within these subcultures, but the idea is the same.

Designers who were catering to young people actually had to take notes from the styles making waves in order to sell to them. Part of the reason the subculture fashion style mattered is because the number of young people grew exponentially during these eras. Surely, you have heard of the baby boomers, who were basically the teenagers of these times.

Coolness Matters

Teenagers have always attempted to create a sense of style, which is natural. Kids around this age have a hard time understanding who they are, which makes them want to mimic friends. This mimicking becomes a trend among teenagers.

If you think this might sound a little outlandish, you might want to take a look at this  that discusses how fashion satisfies a need. It seems that the brain uses style to help you fit into a group and build your self-esteem.1970s hippie

Sure, there are probably some teenagers out there who might think that only insecure kids are susceptible to this phenomenon, but the truth is that most kids are. Maybe you were not the teen who was into the popular 1970’s beach fashion, but that does not mean you did not cling to a style within a smaller subculture. The phenomenon is even found within a small group of friends who might wear similar colored 1970s fashion.

Fashion is Determined by What you Like

You probably know that what you choose to wear can tell the world what you are interested in. Today, those who wear gothic style clothing may likely listen to heavy metal. Well, the same thing happened to kids in different eras. 1970s fashion matched many teenagers’ interests.

For example, those who were into 1970s disco fashion were likely into the disco scene and loved colorful clothes more than anything else. It made sense that kids in this culture were interested in colorful clothes. Remember that disco nights were filled with neon lights, which only made their clothes seem cooler.

Leading Change

Another aspect of 1970s fashion that you are probably familiar with is the infamous peace sign, which was popular in the 60s. The idea of being happy, free, and peaceful started with young people.

Living naturally was something that started around this time. It became important to understand the power of herbs and living in a way that utilized the earth as it was created. Those who think that living organically is something new are mistaken.

Some of you may be wondering what all this has to do with fashion in the 1970s. Well, it was not abnormal to see peace sign patches on clothes at that time. In essence, you were considered ‘lame’ if you thought war was okay.

1970s Fashion Created a new means of communication

Those that loved the idea of going back to nature also used their style to communicate that to people. For example, many of them would wear natural elements as jewelry like wood or sea shells. Many of these jewelry pieces were handmade.

In fact, handmade was preferred as it made you look authentic. Of course, stones, feathers, and leather were used a lot. If you are thinking that some of these items seem like something the Native Americans might have used, you are right. Many natural-lovers took their 1970s fashion cues from traditional Native American wear and culture.

There is a huge drive to go back to nature nowadays since many people are now eating organic, raw, or even Paleo. This could explain why some people are taking key pieces from vintage clothing 1970’s fashion and incorporating them into modern styles.

It seems like no matter the era, kids use fashion to express themselves and their values, which is still happening today. So, take a look at yourself and see what you are saying to the people that you meet.

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